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Quotes from the Trip...


  • I'm sinking.... -- Enrique's poor attempt at a German accent; well used during the P&A game on Sunday night
  • I don't own a boat but I can float your boat... -- Enrique's line of choice anytime the word "boat" was uttered
  • Dirty banana -- Ashley's nickname
  • Jiminator, jimtastic, Jimmichanga, Jiminal, Jimothy, and who could forget:  JimmyPie -- all of Jim's nicknames at some point throughout the trip
  • "Hi Eric, I'll take another order of lobster..." -- Sonchai & his THREE plates of lobster & shrimp!
  •   "I usually eat something "banana-like" before I go to bed to prevent hangovers"  -- Ashley after da' club
  • Ford Taurus...Umm, dinosaurus - Ashley using Kentucky grammar
  • Barrel, Carryl....Squirrel? - No, Enrique, those don't rhyme like that
  • Anyone showing butt crack has to drink! - Karly ruling with an iron fist
    • "Boys, turn around...now drink triple...now roll up your shorts..." -- the rest of the girls also abusing their Presidential powers
  • "To the right, to the right, to the left, to the left, now kick, now kick..." -- worst cruise song ever.
    • "Stupid Cuban Shuffle"
  • "Uhhh, I think it's the Cupid Shuffle." --Karly, the least ghetto person on the boat, correcting the guys
  • "Hey Trisha... can I go to the club tonight?" -- Rian;  "I don't know, we'll see."  -- Trisha
  • "Blaaaahhhhhhh!.... Blaaaaahhhh!...... Blaaaaaahhh!.... blaaaaahhhhh!."  Rian, the morning after the club
  • "Jenn's going to have to sit in my stink if she's going to check her work email."  -- Sonchai explaining to us why he farted while Jenn was on the computer
  • "Yay for me and my sperm!" - Trisha being proud of the fact that she was one of the non-Frito people
  • "It's an island, but it's connected by land." - Enrique referring to Cozumel
  • "I'm gonna go nuts." - Sonchai getting excited about hot dogs...hmm
  • "Oohh so can I say I'm sippin on gin and juice?!?!" - Rian when he realized that gin and pineapple juice is in fact gin & juice
  • "Hey Top Gun, I'm not trying to sound gay or anything, but you are like the hottest guy on this boat." - Fat old man to Dan on the party boat
  • "You LOVE them." - Karly talking about her boobs to Jim
    • How big are your boobs!? ... How did they get so big?? -- Kalee gazing longingly at Karly's boobs
  • "I just paid the little Mexican lady $40 to molest me!" - Ashley after body shots at Senor Frogs
  • "I'm going to drop a deuce on your face while you're sleeping" -- Sonchai
  • "If you really wanted to drop a deuce on Rian's face, you should go to the Mexican Buffet tonight"  --  Jen at dinner right before the table went silent
  • "I haven't seen Ashley take that much meat in her mouth since..."  -- Sonchai to Ashley eating the hamburger on the beach
  • "We're going to go take a nap"  -- Enrique and Kalee at 10pm the first night there
    • "Yeah right..." -- everyone else's response to above quote
  • Rian singing to the tune of "Rock the Boat" : "Drop the deuce, don't drop the deuce baby, drop the deuce, I don't mean maybe, drop the deuuuuuce"
    • Trisha exclaiming: "Stop singing about sh*tting!"



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