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Trip Ideas/Details for Hawaii '07




  • 2/20/07 - 2/27/07


Who's Going?

  • Anita
  • Alice
  • Jim



  • Anita arrives 2:18pm // leaves at 8:39am
  • Jim arrives 3:02pm // leaves at 8:39am
  • Alice arrives 11:50am // leaves at 1:00pm


Stuff to Do?

  • luau - it's possible to pair the luau with the polynesian cultural center as a full-day activity.


  • snorkeling at hanama bay is a must (i think i mispelled the name of the bay completely)
  • volcano
  • polynesian cultural center if you guys want - although i don't remember it being that fun (it's a theme park that's kinda lame, and expensive)


  • climb diamond head
  • go to some of the sugarcane, pineapple (Dole Plantation), macadami nuts, whatever they produce in hawaii factories =)
  • eat at a nice restaurant at least once (for our last meal)?
  • definitely be on the beach
  • surfing?
  • X-TREME parasailing!!
  • North Shore to see 30 10 foot waves + natural born surfers
  • short excursion to Maui?



  • "+1" -- mentioned anytime we saw a prostitute around the island, including all the sketchy ones at or around Lotus
  • "WHAT! OMG! I did what!? ANITAAAAA!!!" -- Alice, after Dave accused her of interesting activity after the W hotel
  • "The first 40%...out of 100, is blah blah.  The remaining 40%..." -- Alice attempting to explain something <fill in the blank here for me Alice> :)
  • "We've already talked to all the hot guys..." -- Anita, after buzzing around the Wonder Lounge in only 15 minutes!
  • btw... who will i be partying with this weekend! It's not the same w/out u guys.  what about our adventurous day time activities... parasailing!?! -- Nicole after experiencing the good times with Alice, Anita, & Jim. 
  • "I'll introduce you (Anita) to guys even though I don't know them" -- Nicole, after drinking a couple of drinks prior to the W.
  • "Sooo.........what are we doing today???" -- Alice, at the beginning of *each* day.
  • "What are we eating next?!" // "What's our next meal?!" -- Anita, at the closing of each meal, in anticipation of any subsequent meal thereafter
  • "I PROMISE -- I'M NOT HITTING ON YOU!" -- random drunk asian girl at Lotus, as she grabbed Alice by the wrist and led her upstairs to the 'secret room' :)
  • "Jim, you know that these things have like 3,000,000 calories!!??" -- Anita, as she scarfed down an ENTIRE whopper and order of fries after Wonder Lounge
  • "Alice, you know how I know you were drunk last night? You were dancing with a SHORT guy!! Hahahaha" -- Anita, helping Alice remember the Wonder Lounge
  • "Ma'am, this watch fits your wrist *so perfectly* <nasal drawl>" -- Burberry store attendant, obviously a rookie in sales
  • (Jim) "Hey Alice, Anita, what looks good on the menu here??" (Anita, Alice) "<type, type> <giggle> <type, type> <HAHA giggle giggle>" -- *every* restaurant/meal scene during the trip =)
  • "The goal is NOT to die!!"  -or-  "DON"T DIE DON"T DIE DON"T DIE DON"T DIE!!!" -- Anita and Alice anytime we came even remotely close to something resembling danger (i.e. snorkeling, kayaking, etc.)
  • "it's actually 4am..." -- Anita & Alice after never changing their clocks/watches and always referring to Eastern Time...(throughout the whole trip)


What else?

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